About Us

As graduates from University of Auckland (New Zealand) in B.A.S and M.Arch, Minka and Kenny had many years of practice in architectural firms before they followed their passion and started ADFW in 2005, now known as Finework with workshops in both Sydney and Auckland.

Their experiences to work across multiple portfolios in different countries have given them an invaluable advantage to be exposed to all levels of architectural drawings, designs and allowed them to establish a fundamental understanding to the development and construction process and how to be an asset to all clients, as a model maker.

With over 10 years of experience in architectural scale model making, Finework pride themselves on being a multi disciplined architecture studio - focused and driven by creativity, precision and quality. Through the usage of modern technology combined and their extensive experience in traditional craftsmanship, Finework models are of the highest standards in model making.

Today, Finework continuously challenge traditional craftsmanship through innovative technology, fabrication methods and the usage of new materials. These combined with a strong creative sensitivity enables Finework to execute projects with superior precision, thought and clarity.

Our Workshop


  • Unit 18, 11 Jullian Close,
    Banksmeadow 2019, Australia
  • P: +61 2 9096 2621
  • M: +61 41 371 2679
  • kenny@finework.com.au

New Zealand

  • 4 Porters Avenue, Eden Terrace,
    Auckland 1024, New Zealand
  • P: +64 9 354 4836
  • minka@finework.co.nz